Michael Strauss | Services
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Let’s get started on your next project! Need a package design? website designed? Anything you need can be found and created here.  A good designer should be able to translate a project from flat print, to multi-media, to realistic 3D renderings.  Here at straussdesigns.com anything is possible for you and your projects.




Packaging and product design has always been my specialty.  I love taking an idea and creating a package/product and seeing it come to life in the market place.

Web Development


Websites are the present and future for all designing, marketing and communicating.  I love the challenge of creating a well thought out website that looks as good as it functions.



Print Design


A brand is a company’s calling card to the public. It is essential to provide a distinguished identity.  By providing the right look and logo it can make all the difference in your market.

Photo & Illustration


Photography and illustration go hand in hand in developing a well thought out design.  The right photo can make or break any project!