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[zilla_toggle title=”Learn a little bit more about me…” state=”closed”] I wasn’t always a designer; I was once a painter, illustrator, print maker, and even a sculptor at one time. The fine arts have given me the knowledge and skills to combine everything I need to become a graphic designer. Instead of using a paintbrush I use a pen tablet, instead of illustrating I create page layouts, instead of sculpting I create packaging. To me, graphic design is just another medium to be used by an artist.

Design has a wide array of functionality. As a practicing graphic designer, I have the ability to function in as many areas as I choose. The more areas I involve myself in the more expressive I find my work and myself.

Most artists and even many designers have a “style” to their work. Maybe I haven’t reached that part of my life yet but I don’t have a “style”. To make it in this world, I have found that you need to be flexible, very flexible. So that’s what I learned to be, flexible; adapting to any design problem I come across. The relentless problem solving and change my work goes through, directly relates to how I constantly improve upon myself and the work I produce. But, no matter what I have worked on, I have always kept the same intention, and that is to communicate.

The main idea of design is to communicate a basic idea; whether it’s a feeling or a political statement, its always an idea at its root. Thus, what I do, communicate ideas clearly and creatively to the public. How to be a successful graphic designer is another story. Its that creative edge or visual elegance that differentiates a novice artisan from a master artisan and the same goes for graphic design. In today’s culture we as the public are inundated with an overload of imagery and information. How is one able to get a message through? I take it upon myself to brake through the clutter of society and communicate a clear, comprehensive idea to those who need to hear, see, and most importantly understand what I am trying to convey.

-Michael Strauss. [/zilla_toggle]

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